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    About Us.

    Fidelity Auto Shipping is a multi-faceted vehicle transport company.

    Service Options.

    Fidelity Auto Shipping offers an array of different services for vehicle transport.


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  • Intermodal Transport

    We specialize in domestic vehicle transport for Canada and the USA as well.

    Terminal Services.

    For some auto transport moves, terminal service is used to create flexibility.

    Door to Door.

    Door to door service is ideal, especially for hard to reach locations and military.

    All Inclusive Rates.

    Our services are all inclusive of fuel, tolls, taxes, mileage, and insurance.

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  • Customs Clearance

    There a many different types of customs clearances. Listed below are the most common.

    Informal Entry.

    Temporary Imports (Informal entries) are for vehicles where the owner is there on a...

    Permanent Entry.

    Permanent entry is required for all vehicles permanently entering Canada.


    When a vehicle that originates from Canada/USA is returning back home.

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Our Three Most Popular Services

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  • Canada Auto Transport. Click here to read more info about what Fidelity Auto Shipping can do for you. Shipping a vehicle within Canada has never been easier to get done via rail cars and auto carriers.
  • A long summary of what customs is, and why it's required. There are a lot of different definitions in regards to what type of entry is needed. To read more information about the customs process and the different types of
  • Click here for more info about transporting a vehicle to and from Canada between the USA. We at Fidelity Auto Shipping provide many different values and services. There are a wide range of transport services available to choose from. This

Cross-border Customs

Paperwork, filing, and documentation

Here at Fidelity Auto Shipping, we have streamlined the process and integrated everything into an all in one service to make everything simple. We make the import/export process as easy as possible. 

Auto shipping to and from Canada is a bit more complex than it seems. While the US and Canada are on very good terms and are part of NAFTA, there is still quite a bit of issues to deal with when importing a car into Canada and the U.S.A. Canada has its own set of car regulations; while they mostly parallel US regulations and cars that are street legal in the US will generally be so in Canada, there are a few select that will not be able too. In addition, there are customs issues to deal with; Border agents at customs will require a copy of the the proper documents to be faxed to the border crossing three days in advance before letting it leave the country and Canadian authorities will want to make sure that any recall issues have been addressed for importation. You may also need to pay Canadian sales tax (GST or HST) on the car. Not everyone with a car hauler behind their truck can handle those issues, so choosing a veteran car shipper is vital.

There are different rules and regulations pertaining if you want to permanently import your vehicle into Canada or the USA, and temporarily import your vehicle into Canada or the USA. Please choose your shipping scenario and click the tabs accordingly to see how it works. Please also use our check list to make sure all documentation is correct and has been received. It contains information to help explain the processes and different forms needed to import/export your vehicle across border. Keep in mind most of this will be taken care of by us, so don't be overwhelmed by the wealth of information below. If you have any questions of course, just give us a call. We'll be happy to assist you in your vehicle transport process. 

  • Auto Transport in Canada +

    Our most popular service with Canadian clients. Please click to read more. Read More
  • International Canada Auto Shipping +

    Overseas international vehicle transport Importing and exporting from Canada to other countries Read More
  • Car Import and Export +

    Customs, paperwork, and the different import/export methods. Read it all here. Read More
  • Canada Auto Terminal Services +

    Terminal Services Car terminal yards for transporting vehicles long distances on consolidated loads. Read More
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