Auto Transport Services for the USA

Domestic car shipping available in the USA for our Canadian and US clientele

Vehicle shipping requires a lot of logistical training and networking. For most, some have never transported a vehicle before, and it can become challenging when the moment comes. With all the different terminology and the multitudes of companies offering their own definitions, many people may pick up the phone and not know the good questions to ask. Of all the services available to the public, door to door transport is the often the most sought after service. Door to door vehicle delivery is offered by most auto transport companies and is the most common method of transporting vehicles.

In the United States, this service is readily available because of the regulations and services provided for free trade within North America. The reason is due to the fact that the United States has over 360 commercial coastline ports and this number is growing yearly. Due to the amount of freight and vehicles shipped into the US, there is a real need for transporters to help maintain this multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, some situations call for clients in Canada to send their vehicles into the USA for their final destination in other countries. So shipping vehicles from Canada to the USA has its own advantages as well for international shipping. A lot of Canadian clientele can take advantage of the availability of ports calls on the Eastern and Western cost lines of the United States. This offers more purchasing power and increases the value of a competitive market. You can fill out a vehicle transport quote request to get a better idea of the costs involved for domestic and international automobile transport.

Door to door service vs. Terminal to Terminal

Two different services widely available in the USA. Most common and sought after is door to door service for its convenience and ease of use. Auto terminal services are generally used for special events. Things such as last minute flights, or vacationers who are out of town but want the vehicle available when they arrive. Many factors and scenarios involved with terminal vehicle transport. It can be convenient and cost effective, but truly depends on the clients needs. Keep reading for more info. 

Door to door auto shipping

This type of service means that the carrier will pick up and drop off the vehicle as close to your door as they can legally, and safely. Some regions have restrictions on the type of trailers allowed into certain residential and commercial areas. Large trucks are generally prohibited from entering tighter areas because they require more space and can block emergency lanes. If a truck is blocking a road, this can cause issues for city workers e.g. firetrucks, ambulances, police etc. Therefore most carriers will require that the consignee of the vehicle meet at an open area to receive the vehicle being transported. Generally however most carriers make it to the final destination without any issues.  

Terminal to terminal auto shipping

This type of service means that the owner, or agent of the vehicle will drop the vehicle off at a local terminal to be picked up at a later time for consolidation. This is generally used in areas that do not see to much through traffic from freighters. Sometimes even in major cities this is beneficial for some clients looking to save some money if they have a lot of time to spare for shipping their vehicle.

How much to ship my car?

Our prices are all inclusive, and by that we mean 1 price, no extras, no hidden surprises. Nothing. That's right, our prices include fuel, tolls, taxes, mileage, insurance, and door to door direct shipping. What's more, we'll match a competitor's rate so long as it's in writing and matches our level of service. 

The cost to ship your vehicle depends on many different factors. Things such as fuel costs, supply and demand, seasonal changes and of course the size of your vehicle. You may be surprised through, the costs to ship your car, truck, or SUV may actually save you money vs. driving it across country. Getting an auto transport quote is really easy. Call us or fill out our online quote form. 

Can I put things in my car for transport?

It really all depends on what's going on. Some people may leave a suitcase or two in the trunk, and that's fine most of the time. But there is a fine line between shipping one or two suitcases, and an apartment. We encourage you to visit our FAQs section for more information about shipping your vehicle, the process, procedures, and rules to follow. 

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