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Car terminal yards for transporting vehicles long distances on consolidated loads.

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Car Shipping Terminals

We have numerous terminal locations within Canada for you to drop your vehicle off for transport. The most frequented locations are: 

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Delta, BC
  • Kelowna, BC
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Calgary, AB
    • Winnipeg, MB
    • Toronto, ON
    • Ottowa, ON
    • Montreal, QC
    • Halifax, NS
 If you need to drop your vehicle off at any of the locations for transport, please let us know so we can provide you with an all inclusive price. By no means, are we limited to terminal shipping only. In fact, in most cases we can get to and around these major metropolitan cities to get you door to door service at a great rate. This helps for clients who are current military personnel and do not have means of leaving and returning to base during active duty. Also, we are not limited solely to the cities aforementioned. We also have services in Moncton NB, and many other major cities throughout Canada.

Fidelity Auto Shipping is proud to be one of the only auto transport companies with the network and contact base to transport POVs for its clients. Fill out our car transport quote form and rep will get in contact with you in order to assist with transporting your vehicle today. 

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