Shipping a car from Canada to the USA

Services, procedures and information regarding the booking and transit times.

Many Canadians, professionals, students, and retired individuals are looking to transport their vehicles to the USA. Reasons include for vacation, temporary work, college, sales, even as gifts from Canada. As the market has become more and more competitive, the industry as a whole has become more viable for private parties to arrange and transport their own personal vehicle into the United States. If you are shipping a vehicle to the USA from Canada, then we would be happy to assist you.

We can even arrange to customs paperwork for you if need be. Whether informal entry or a permanent entry. 

We also have terminals where you can drop off your vehicle if required so you can leave at your leisure to vacation.

Door to door Canada to USA cross border vehicle shipping

The beauty of this service is that we have it streamlined. To the point that everything is done in house. One point of contact, one company, and done. We will be your point of contact from start to finish, and only one bill needs to be arranged. We do the logistics, customs, and billing-- you just hand over the keys to our carrier. We'll handle everything for you. 

Have more questions? Call or click our auto transport quote form so someone can contact you to arrange your transportation service.

Door to door USA to Canada cross border vehicle shipping

Of course we offer return services at a discounted rate if you book both moves at the same time. We can always tailor the shipment as well to coincide with the dates you are looking to leave as well. Even if you have a change of plans we can push or pull the dates as needed. Shipping vehicles from USA to Canada has never been easier and we promise you'll become a customer for life.

We have a great FAQs section to help answer some questions about your car shipping, we do encourage you though to give us a call.

Procedures and what to expect

when transporting your vehicle cross border between Canada and the USA

When you are looking to transport your vehicle over country lines, there is a lot more going on than one might think. The procedures involved are not too complicated but there are rules and regulations that must be followed in order to make sure the cross border process is a smooth one. We will require some documents in order to make your move a successful one and depending on the reason for your move we will need certain items not normally required. Our customs documentation portion of our site goes more into detail about the different methods and services available.  

Generally the process involves a point of contact required for pick up, and delivery. We will need some documentation that's dependent on the type of move you will be doing before we have our carrier come to load your vehicle. We will need to determine whether or not it is a temporary move, or a permanent move. Depending on which type of move certain requirements need to be met to transport your car. Transit times are also based on origin and destinations, when you submit an auto transport quote we'll be able to advise approximate times.We will guide you through the complete process and make it as simple and easy as possible.

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