Shipping a car from the USA to Canada

This page gives a brief summary of shipping vehicles from the USA to Canada

Auto Transportation from the USA to Canada

There are several reasons why car shipping from the USA to Canada is such a necessity. Many Canadian citizens require this service for purchase of vehicles not available in their markets. USA being one of largest importers in the world receives a lot of inventory not readily available to other countries. 

Some shippers were merely staying in the USA temporarily for vacation to escape the winter in Canada and come down south to warmer climates. As springs rolls around, there's a massive exodus of vehicles transported back up to Canada. After winding down from a relaxing vacation, there's not really a sense of urgency to drive all the way back up. You have yourself traffic, maybe need to get your vehicle serviced, hotels, fuel, food. That's enough to make anyone crazy.

In the end it's more cost effective to just ship a vehicle to Canada instead. Getting an car shipping quote and comparing your expenses for a flight vs. driving may surprise you. You have to value your own time, your expenses and plan your stops accordingly to stay within a budget. You have to factor in traffic, road blocks and detours along the way as well. 

How does the vehicle shipping process work?

The car transport service to Canada from the USA is quite simple actually. We have a network we've developed over the years to offer great rates and quality service. When looking to transport a vehicle from let's say Hallandale FL to Toronto ON, or Naples FL to Toronto ON. First we'll need the addresses for pick up and delivery. Upon receipt of which we'll send you a booking request to be signed by the shipper. We'll also require some documentation needed for the auto move. We'll let you know what is required for your particular move. There are certain scenarios to apply given the shippers citizenship status, and nature of the move. 

Upon receipt of all documentation required we will then schedule a carrier to move your vehicle from it's origin and destination. We'll give you an ETA for pick up and delivery by contacting prior to load and unloading your vehicle. The vehicle is then strapped an braced into place for its anticipated trip. Our driver perform inspections on both origin and destinations of the vehicle.

Our prices are all inclusive for car transport. Except for of course entry fees and duties which are dependant on the respective government's policies for importation. But because of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), fees are very nominal depending on the vehicle's value. 

We can transport the vehicle to your door in Canada or to an in-bond warehouse if you would like to clear the vehicle yourself through customs as well.

We also have convenient terminal locations in the event you can't make it and need to pick up your vehicle at your convenience in Canada.

What costs are involved for transporting my car to Canada?

We will provide you an all inclusive rate for shipping your vehicle. Our rates include everything:

  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Taxes (local)
  • Miles
  • Insurance
  • Documentation

To get a transport quote for shipping your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Please fill out our auto transport quote form. It will be best to do this to atleast get an idea of costs involved. You can also call us as well. We will get in contact with you to give you all the information needed to help make your decision. 

I'm not Canadian, but I want to send my car there temporarily for school/work etc?

Not a problem, we move hundreds of vehicles for US citizens year round up to Canada and then back down again when it's time to come home. We even offer discounts for booking both moves at the same time in advance. We have a shipping your car to USA from Canada section you can look at as well with some good information regarding the methods of moving.

Please also consult our customs documentation section for cross border transport between the USA and Canada as well for some detailed info about different types of entries. 

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